sonelle (sonelle) wrote,

Heroes:Sin City

Las Vegas. City of Sin. A place where you can be who you want and get what you want, if only for a night. But maybe forever. A city devoted to luck and lust and living it up. And leaving the mundane trudge of everyday life back at home. A city where mobsters and gangsters engage in a tug-o-war for turf and the law is often left impotent to help right a troubled populous. The underbelly is a dangerous place, not for the clumsy tourist to stumble into.

And through it all, threaded among us, are the special few. Chosen by fate or genetics or design, they possess gifts and abilities unlike anything any human has ever seen. Just different enough to be frightening, secret organizations strive to keep them underwraps. And use them to their own ends. But at what cost?

In a city build on smoke and mirrors, where will you stand?


Heroes: Sin City is a MUX set in the universe of the NBC show Heroes. With a heavy focus on original characters, the setting and story are new and unique. You can find us at : 4400, where a helpful staff will answer any questions and help you along toward helping shape this new community with a character of your own!

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