sonelle (sonelle) wrote,

The epicness of an item in my possession could not be squealed about in 140 letters or less.

Some weeks ago - After I had inquired over twitter whether it could be done or not - I mailed my nook cover to New York. A member of the production team of Nurse Jackie was going to cart it around, shove it under the nose of the actors and have them sign it for me. It had already been signed on a trek up to LA by Lenny Jacobson when I went to see him perform in a play.

Friday I was told it was on it's way home to me, and I came home today after picking up the kid and it was waiting. True to his word Chris Swartout had done just that - But forgot to put //his// autograph on there tooo!

Lenny! Arjun! Emily! Edie! Stephen! Peter! Merritt! Anna! All there, and all for me. I cannot express - there are no words - to how fucking happy and how big a smile there is on my face when I ripped - How could one not rip open that envelope? - open the envelope and flipped it open?

The kindness of strangers, people I just talk to on the ether that is twitter, individuals who worked hard and do work hard to provide us a little half hour window of enjoyment on a Monday night - this spring!!! - Took a minute to scribble a hello.

Thank you and know that when I crack open my nook, I'll be squealing a little more in my heart before enjoying a good read. Thank you Mr. Swartout for an inadvertent Christmas Gift. It arrived, safe and sound and happily cherished.

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