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Still so very unimpressed with my childs teacher that I've called the principle and asked for a sit down, to request having him moved to another classroom where the teacher has some modicum of understanding in how to deal with a child with minimal special needs. It's really not that hard to stop him on the way out at the bell and ask him if he has his homework.

It's not that hard to not give me a snitty look when I've walked all the way up to the school, waited outside your classroom for 15 minutes and then ask for a copy of the homework that he hasn't brought home and deign to ask you where the lost and found is.

She at least moved his desk closer to the other kids groups of desks, or t hat might just have been the janitor needing to vaccuum. Either way, this morning and her "Well what do you expect me to do about it" Re: his lack of homework coming home, really got my goat.

I expect you, to do what you are paid to do as a teacher. I expect you to read is IEP within the first three weeks, and not be scrambling when I call for an informal meeting because I got a whiney call home from you about my child being a horror in class and what are all these things you sent into class with him.

I expect you to DO WHAT YOU ARE LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO DO ON HIS IEP and not just go "I don't like that, it will disturb the class" It's a fucking inflated seat cushion with nubs on it. It's sensory focus. He //sits// on it and he wiggles on it, but it helps keep his attention focused on the school work. You //want// him sitting on this seat. You WANT him with these squishy balls when doing group attention stuff. That clipboard he has with squares of symbols that indicate math, recess, lunch, History, social studies.. they're not for him to play with, or for you to deal with, it's a //schedule// and it helps him to break down his day, focus on that task at hand, and do his work.

Very. Very. Unhappy.

Trying not to cry. I have never had a teacher like this before. So resistant and ignorant. You have Special Ed staff there to help you, me willing to help you, there are //books// and so much resources at your hand, to learn how to deal with something you've never dealt with, and much more than I even have at home. And yet all I get is outraged body language and a blank stare.

Which means we're not waiting till November, it's a request to switch classrooms to someone else. I don't ask for much, I just ask that my kid not be treated like a leper and that his IEP be actually read. Not whining and bitching about "I have 30 kids in my class, I can't be giving him any extra attention" When I point out that you just have to normally swing by, touch a shoulder, re-direct and then carry on.

That apparently, is too much to ask. Funny, his other teachers had 30 kids in their classes and I never heard those words out of their mouths and they were dealing with him in the discovery stages of his disorder.

It doesn't cut it with me.
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