sonelle (sonelle) wrote,

Camera :(

My brand spanking new GE X500 broke within 2 days of having bought it. It's insane and crazy and it broke the day before our NY themed geek fest. So very few pictures were taken because of lack of real good indoor lighting for Ipods and iphones to take pictures.

Which has another friend and I scouring the internet to see if I had bought a camera with a really crappy design flaw or whether I was just a really unlucky person and got a camera that had a faulty piece in it and a new one likely wouldn't have the issue.

Geek squad proclaimed that it was "Like the motherboard of a computer but the digital camera version" has shorted, or broken, He couldn't pin point, but that I could send it in  and I wouldn't get it for a month, or return it and get a new one in ten days.

Which leaves me upset either way because... god the luck lately. We're returning it today and then re-ordering the same camera.

The camera, has some cons, but the pro's far outweigh them and some of the cons, frankly, don't really affect me and I don't care that much. LCD screen on the back will at times not portray the true quality of the picture. Sometime (on certain function you set it to) you'll get blank pictures. But if you set a 3 second delay for seeing your picture right after you take it, you can see that it's a blank and retake, but I only had that happen on one setting.

Shutter speed/noise. Dunno about shutter speed I'm self teaching myself about aperture and shutter speed, but the sound thing... just turn it off. Go through the optionsand you can turn off all the sounds and end up with as ilent camera.

all in all, i love it, the panorma mode was DELICIOUS. Seriously. SO now i just have to wait. A little more, and I'll have it again. Fucking best buy credit.
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